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Wholesome Meals

Ctots is now offering a program featuring nutritious, fresh, hand-made lunches and snacks following Canada's food guide. Meals are crafted without processed or refined ingredients and are Kosher Parve. Rest easy knowing your child is well taken care of with delicious and wholesome bites every day.

Raw Vegetables

Our Philosophy

At Wholesome Meals, we believe in the transformative power of wholesome, nutritious food as the foundation for nurturing young minds and bodies.

  • Rooted in the belief that nurturing young minds and bodies begins with wholesome, nutritious food.

  • Dedicated to providing a foundation for healthy eating habits lasting a lifetime.

  • Crafted with care, our meals reflect a commitment to balance, variety, and the vibrant colors of nature.

Beyond the plate, we believe in fostering a positive relationship with food:

  • Emphasis on understanding the origins and importance of ingredients.

  • Meals are home-made with love, avoiding processed foods and refined ingredients.

  • Aiming to create awareness of the value of real, whole foods.

  • Promoting an appreciation for fresh, natural ingredients.

    Your child's happiness with their meals is our priority. With daily reports tracking what they did and didn’t eat, we'll make sure they always get food they enjoy.

A Bit About Us

Meet Liron and Doron, a dynamic couple with a passion for health and well-being.

Liron's culinary journey began in childhood, where she often volunteered in the kitchen, ultimately leading her to embrace a lifestyle centered around healthy eating through self-education, online courses, and holistic psychotherapy studies. 

Doron, a health professional with over two decades of diverse experience, holds a master of public health and a unique PhD focused on healthy cities & communities, it's uniqueness garnering recognition from prominent scholars in Canada and internationally. His extensive background includes co-founding and managing an association dedicated to preventing childhood obesity and chronic diseases, i.e. cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and various mental health challenges. 

Together, Liron and Doron have combined their expertise to develop healthy and delicious recipes. Their successful venture began with a booth at the local farmers' market in Whitehorse, Yukon, offering nutritious treats. The positive reception led to the expansion of their products into local stores and summer markets. With a blend of culinary passion and extensive health knowledge, this power couple continues to make a meaningful impact on their community's well-being.


No processed food or refined ingredients

Hand-made fresh
every day

No fried foods

Kosher, Parve

Natural, high quality ingredients

Following Canadian guidelines for healthy nutrition

Meal Guidelines


Serving real food
Half plate veggies + fruits, quarter plate carbs, quarter plate proteins

* Prefer whole grains
* Use of legumes flour
* Offers healthy proteins daily
* Hand-made cookies, breads, crackers and more
* Rainbow method: using of variety of colours of veggies and fruits

* Use of healthy oils

Get in Touch

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact us at


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