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Ctots Adventure Park

A space of fun and discovery, where kids pedal along a lively bike track, splash in the vibrant water creek, enjoy planting and harvesting in the beautiful garden, and more!

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Bike Track

Our bike track is complete with realistic road markings, signs, and crosswalks! From single bikes to two or three-seaters, kids can pedal through the fun, visit the mini gas station for a pit stop or cruise in little cars for the younger adventurers!


Basha's Garden

Kids plant, water, and harvest plants based on the season. From seed to harvest, they take home vegetables and herbs, experiencing the joys of gardening and connecting with the natural world. Garden maintenance sponsored by Savage Landscapes.


Joshua's Corner

By the water creek, Joshua's Corner offers a serene teepee retreat for quiet moments. Kids can rest, play, and enjoy a tranquil area, providing a peaceful space amidst the outdoor adventures.

mud kitchen 2_edited_edited.jpg

Mud Kitchen

Children can dive into imaginative play at our Mud Kitchen, exploring culinary creativity and messy fun! Using a wide variety of utensils, kids concoct delightful mud dishes in a sensory-rich environment fostering a sense of exploration and creativity.

outdoor theatre 1_edited.jpg

Outdoor Theatre

Our Outdoor Theatre features a stage, curtains, and log seats for an immersive experience! Kids take the spotlight, singing. acting and performing for each other in a space where they can learn to be both the performers and the audience.


Water Creek

The beautiful Water Creek features flowing water and stones with a little faucet for water play. Kids can stroll over the mini bridge and enjoy both a fun sensory area and a calm space with soothing water sounds. 



Sway in the breeze and unwind in the Hammock. A cozy spot for kids to relax and recharge, it's perfect for swinging alone, together, or taking turns pushing each other during playtime.



Enjoy creative play at our big sandbox! With lots of sand and a variety of toys, it's ideal for building and molding castles and shapes. Kids can also use water from the nearby creek to add an extra layer of fun!


Picnic table, musical instruments, chalkboard and more.

While we've given you a sneak peek, there's much more to explore. Watch the video below for a glimpse into a day at the adventure park.

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