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Music with Avram

Professional musician Avram McCagherty brings Jewish songs to life with guitar, singing, and puppetry inviting children to sing, clap and dance along. Children have an opportunity to learn about Jewish culture and holidays, as well as Hebrew songs and melodies which nurture love and connection to Jewish traditions and values.


Gardening with Sarah

Sarah guides kids in planting, watering, and harvesting a variety of vegetables and herbs. From juicy tomatoes to crisp kale and sweet carrots, young gardeners experience the full cycle from planting seeds to tasting the fruits of their labor. These hands-on activities provide children with a natural learning experience, discovering the beauty of our natural world and fostering a connection to nature.

Garden maintenance sponsored by Savage Landscaping.


Storytime with Shoshana

Shoshana's tales captivate children with fantasy and fun through lively stories and song. Sparking young imaginations and creating cherished moments of wonder and joy for the little ones, as well as imparting life-long lessons of empathy,

creativity, integrity, Jewish values and more.

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