Kitah ב, JK, February 22-26, 2016

This week was a busy one in our JK classroom. We learnt about the next letter in the ABCs, S, and through the letter S we explored our 5 senses. We started the week off learning about "touch." We organized materials by what they felt like and really worked on our describing words. We then created a texture painting using our soft and rough materials. We even had a chance to mix in salt and coffee to our paint to make it extra textured! For our sense of "smell," we had so much fun exploring all kinds of different things such as pepper, lemon juice, cinnamon, coffee, and onions. The students had very strong reactions towards coffee and pepper; they did not smell too great! Next up was "sight." We made our very own pair of binoculars! We also studied our faces up close to mirrors and had a chance to draw ourselves. To explore the sense of "sound," we played a game where we had to describe and guess the mystery sounds. And finally for our sense of "taste," we had a chance to taste and describe 4 different types of tastes. We tried onions, lemons, sugar, and pickles!

What a fun week!

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