Kitah א, February 22-26, 2016

This week we are very excited to start learning about Purim. We had a lot of fun with the new purim toys in our classroom. We played with graggers, mishloach manos basket, stuffed hamantashen, and toy megillahs. We made play dough and some of us shaped them into hamantashen. We stamped with Purim shapes and began listening to the story of Purim. We had a lot of fun singing and dancing to our new Purim songs.

Words to song: Ttto I have a little dreidel

I have a little gragger amongst my games and toys and when I shake my gragger it makes a lot of noise.

My gragger likes Queen Esther. It likes good Mordechai.

It listens to the sorry as quietly as I. But when you mention haman it makes an awful sound,

So please don't mention Haman when my gragger is around.

Words to be Hebrew Purim song:

Chag Purim, Chag Purim, Chag gadol layehudim Masechot, ra'ashanim, shirim verikudim.

Hava narishah - rash, rash, rash, Hava narishah - rash, rash, rash, Hava narishah - rash, rash, rash, Bara'ashanim.

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