Kitah ב, JK, January 25-February 5, 2016

These past two weeks have been full of exciting, engaging, and interactive activities! We had so much fun exploring the letter P using patterns. We looked at colour patterns, shape patterns and even audio patterns! We played many pattern games such as "mystery bowl" and "what comes next?" The kids really enjoyed creating their own patterns using magnet tiles, poms poms and themselves! This week we learned all about germs using our friend Sneezy. We learned how to hug our sneezes and how to hug our coughs. We had so much fun hearing about Sneezy's day at school and trying to help her find ways to stop spreading germs! We introduced a new topic into our classroom; organized gym games! For our first game we played "what time is it Mr. Wolf?" and the kids had so much fun! We continued to work on our fine motor skills through bead work, painting with clothespins and lacing.

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