Kitah ב, JK, January 18-22, 2016

This week our JK class was filled with teamwork and good sportsmanship! For our next letter, the letter O, we used the theme of the Olympics to help us learn about working as a team and working hard together. We had so much fun making our very own torches and Olympic rings using paint and plastic cups. We also enjoyed playing games from both the summer and winter Olympics that let us work on our gross motor skills. We played games such as Javelin, Shotput, Hockey, Skating, and Soccer. The kids worked extremely well in encouraging each other in fair play as well as being fantastic examples of leaders! By the end of the week, all the kids were true well rounded atheletes who each made and recieved their very own medals. We continued to work on our fine motor skills through activities like paint bags, beading, and lacing.

Way to go JK!

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