Kitah א, January 4-15, 2016

We had so much fun learning and exploring this week. We have started a unit on the places in our neighbourhood. Each week we will learn about another place and a mitzvah connected to it. This week we spoke about a bakery and keeping kosher. We explored with yeast and watched it blow up a balloon. We know that it also makes our dough rise. We found kosher signs on the ingredients and mixed and kneaded our own bread. We measured out ingredients until we decided it was the right texture. We spoke about vegetables being kosher and painted with potato stampers. We painted with egg cartons and had so much fun playing in the dramatic play area with empty ingredient containers. Some of us made place mats to help keep meat and milk separate.

We also met the letter kof and had fun putting the dot inside. We decorated a small kof for our Alef bais chart.

We are so happy to be back in school! We are learning about Winter and we made a lot of crafts related to Winter. We made mittens, hats, and snowflakes using crayons and stickers. We had so much fun learning new songs about Winter that will be sent home as well as the crafts. We also did some yoga this week and we learned a new snowflake dance! We were very excited to play with homemade play dough! We also prepared the Challah dough for Shabbat.

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