Kitah א, December 7-11, 2015

This week we had so many exciting chanukah activities. We peeled potatoes and helped grate them in a food processor. Then we mixed in all the ingredients and our Morah fried them. What delicious latkas! We had a very fun chanukah music class and danced with a giant dreidel. We mixed up icing and decorated our own doughnuts. We have been adding a paper candle each day to our big foil menorah on our bulletin board too. Happy chanukah.

It was another busy and exciting week! We danced a lot and were spinning like dreidels! We read a story called "Lots of Latkes" by Sandy Lanton. We all enjoyed at the PJ Chanukahs Party. We also prepared the dough for the Challah this week. Happy Chanukah !!! Chanukah sameah!!

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