Kitah ב JK, November 30-December 4, 2015

We had another exciting week in our Junior Kindergarten class! Our letter of the week was J and so we focussed on all things "Jungle!" We sang about the different animals we could find in the jungle and made fun silly animal sounds to go with the song. We also learned about the homes of animals in the jungle versus aniamls that like to live in the cold snowy north. We had a lot of fun sorting the animals into these two groups! Finally, we created bright and vibrant jungle scenes using paint, paintbrushes, and even our hands! We continued to work on our fine motor skills through activities with tweezers, lacing, beading, and stickers.

Important dates to note:

Wednesday December 9, 5:45 pm, we invite everyone to attend our Chanukah party. All children and their families are invited to come in their pajamas! There will be activity stations and light refreshments waiting for you followed by a Chanukah choir at 6:15. The evening will also include menorah lighting at 6:30 and the grand auction winners at 6:45.

December 15-17 are our parent teacher chats. Please emai l us if you are interested in a having a slot with your child's teachers and we will schedule you in!

Thursday December 17, 4:00 pm, there will be a Parent Advisory Board meeting. All parents are encouraged to join. Please email anything you would like to be added to the agenda.

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