Kitah ב, JK, November 16-20, 2015

B"H this week has been a busy week. We finished off our sidder unit and will begin davening/tefillah from our own sidder on Monday. It was so exciting to start the Chanukah unit. We started by tracing and cutting out our 3D dreidels that are now hanging in our classroom. We made chanukah pictures that are hanging on our window. We practiced spinning dreidels using our fine motor skills and watched as the dreidels spun through the paint and created swirls and curls on the paper. We also learned the next letter, Hey, in the alef bais and spent time using lines of felt to recreate more heys on our felt board.

This week was a very fun and hands on week in JK! We were introduced to the letter H, for hands. We had so much fun exploring the letter H, and Hanukkah, with our hands! We created hand print hanukkiot, we dove into a Hanukkah themed sensory bin where we spoke about touch, and we investogated the bumps and ridges of a dreidel. We also practiced using our pincher fingers to spin dreidels. We were lucky enough to celebrate a birthday this week in JK. We would like to wish a big Happy Birthday to Natan!

PLEASE NOTE: It is now winter outside! Please remember to send your kids to school in full winter gear so we can really enjoy the snow with out getting wet and cold.

Check out what we have been up to!!

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