Kitah א, November 16-20, 2015

This week we had so much fun finishing our all about me unit and starting to learn about chanukah. We spoke about our eyes and what we can see. We did a really neat experiment with milk, color, and dish soap and used our eyes to see the colours mix. We used our eyes to find candles and dreidels hidden in our rice table. We squeezed paint onto a paper dreidel and spun it in a salad spinner. Our eyes had a surprise when we opened it and saw all the colors spread and mixed together. You can see the finished product on our bulletin board!

For Chanukah, we have been singing:

I have a little menorah so shiny and so bright. I put the candles in it and then it I shall light. Oh menorah menorah menorah so shiny and so bright. I'll put the oil in it and then it I shall light.

It was a busy week. We read the story "What I Can See." We also started to learn about Chanukah. We created candle crafts and we painted a candle holder for Shabbat. We learned new songs like "Dreidel, dreidel what do you see?", the "Sevivon" song in Hebrew, and a new fingers song. Of course we prepared the challah dough and learned the "Chicken soup " song. PLEASE NOTE: It is now winter! Please remember to send your kids to school in full winter gear so we can really enjoy the snow with out getting wet and cold.

Check out what we have been up!!

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