Kitah ב JK, November 2-6, 2015

This week in our class we have explored many new and exciting things. The children have learned the letter Gimmel. We played many interactive games to reinforce all the letters we have learned. We did this through magnectis sorting games and creating the letters out of felt on the felt board.

Together we have gone on walks out side and have had many discussions about the world around us and things we saw on the way. We enjoyed meeting Pleasant Pessy with the Shpy and practiced using our pleasant voices when we talk to our friends and Morahs. We are so excited that we only have a couple more pages left to finish our sidder and than we will be able to use it every morning. Happy Birthday NATAN LIOR who's Jewish birthday was on the 20th day of Cheshvan(this past Monday). HAve a great Shabbos see everyone On Monday for another great week.

This week in JK our class was introduced to the letter G. We worked on our letter recognition through a gum ball craft and well as letter sorting activities. We also worked on our fine motor skills using G as our inspiration. Using our pincher fingers, we practiced pressing golf tees into styrafoam and then balancing various objects on the golf tees. We also practiced our hand eye coordination by playing a game of golf involving hula hoops! We have also been adding new songs to our sing-a-long time; we learned the months of the year song as well as "The Green Grass Grows All Around." Lastly, our class would like to say a big happy birthday to Nate and Goldie Stone who celebrated their birthdays on November 5th!

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