Kitah א November 2-6, 2015

This week we spent time exploring the scent of smell and learning about our nose. We had so much fun making gingerbread playdough, drawing in cinnamon scented salt, and painting with different spices. Some of the spice paints smelled really good and some we didn't like so much! We smelled real cloves and spoke about how we use them after shabbos when we make Havdalah. We made a special Bracha before we smelled them. Hashem gave us a nose and it helps us do mitzvos. We also stuck the cloves that we called besomim into our playdough. We met a big gimmel that was able to stand up by itself on its two feet and decorated the letter gimmel. On Friday we made cards for our friend Emily in honour of her birthday.

This week in Kitah Aleph's afternoon classes we were busy learning about the sense of smell. We painted a picture of an apple using cinnamon, we played with flour and cocoa powder, and we painted with tea bags. We really enjoyed these different and delicious smells. We also prepared the gingerbread play dough and the challah dough. We learned the fun new song "8 little muffins at the bakery shop." We also welcomed the new kids to our class: Leo, Simi, Yael and Nacshon! Welcome!

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