Kitah א, October 26-30, 2015

​Exploring the the sense of sound and the ears we use to hear was so much fun! We played with musical instruments and made our own sea drums. We practiced our fine motor skills dropping vinegar from a dropper onto baking soda to hear a sizzling sound. In our art centre we attached bells to paintbrushes so they jingled as we painted. While outside, we went on a walk and listened for different sounds. We heard an airplane and workermen building a fence. We spoke about the mitzvos that we can do with our ears. We can hear the sound of the shofar. We can also listen to our parents. We made big ears that we can wear to help us remember to listen. We met the letter vais and decorated a vais with stickers for our Alef Bais chart.

We would also like to wish a big Mazal Tov to Zachary on his new baby sister!

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