Kitah ב JK October 19-23, 2015

This week we really focussed on developing our fine motor skills through interactive and engaging activities. We used water droppers and dropped coloured water on salty glue and watched as the water got absorbed into the salt. We also began to use nuts and bolts that we were able to wind and unwind. We had fun squuezing glue onto the lines of the Alef Beis, which were intorduced into our Alef Beis unit. Through many games and activites, we practiced the sounds and recognitions of the new letter Beis. In our Siddur unit, we continued to create new pages.

This week we learned our new letter of the week, E. We read "Elmer the Elephant" stories and created Elmer masks and well as patchwork E's. We baked letter E earth cupcakes and talked about the different colours that make up earth before adding blue and green food colouring to our batter. Using "Humpty Dumpty," we were able to learn about eggs. We built towers that would prevent Humpty dumpty from falling as well as putting him back together by means of a puzzle. In addition, we continued to develop our fine motor skills with playdough, laces, and beads.

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