Kitah א October 19-23, 2015

This week we had so much fun exploring and continuing our "All About Me" unit. We traced out feet and decorated the page for our mitzvah "All About Me" book. We spoke about some mitzvos we can do with our feet like walking to help a friend. We also used toy shoes to make footsteps in our paint and play dough. We met the letter bais and decorated a bais with glitter glue for our Alef Bais chart.

This week, we finished our team project of painting with leaves. We also had a lot of fun exercising. We worked on our circle movements and motor skills. We had art class with Morah Svetlana. She gave us paint and we mixed colours to make mirrored paintings. The kids really enjoyed this class! As usual, we prepared the Challah dough for Shabbos and learned new finger songs.

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