Kitah ג Kindergarten October 13-16, 2015

The mornings in Kindergarten have been busy this week! We had fun learning about the parsha. Morah explained the story using parsha pictures and the students were able to colour them. We had fun figuring out which Alef Beis letters were in the name of this week’s parsha. We also made a picture of the teivah. We put noah and his family on the top floor, the animals in the middle, and drew garbage on the bottom. We put different items in a bottle of water and saw which things sank and which floated. We put a foam teivah inside too.This week we also learned the letter Alef. We had lots of fun tracing Alefs and making Alefs out of popsicle sticks. This week, Project Team was introduced to the students and The shpy came to visit our class. We joined his team for a very special mission. We became soldiers in the army of Hashem and will help Ricky and Picky, our puppet friends, do the right thing.

The afternoons were just as busy! This week in kindergarten the students learned about the letter Dd. We cut it out, traced it, practiced writing it on our own, learned the sound Dd makes and made a big list of all the words we know that start with Dd. We also learned about the colour blue and learned a new song to help us to recognize it and remember how to spell it:

B-L-U-E that spells blue.

Ocean blue, sky blue too.

B-L-U-E that spells blue.

Raindrop blue.

Our new sight words this week are a and I. We also continued to work on writing our names and recognizing all of our classmates names.

**Please note: there is a Parent Advisory Board Meeting this Wednesday @ 7:30pm @ Chabad.

***A Reminder to please remember to send jackets, hats and gloves as the weather gets colder, we still go outside!

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