Kitah ב JK October 13-16, 2015

It has been a full week as settle back into routine in JK. Our class has started our Alef Beis unit. This week, we were introduced to the letter Alef. Each week we will go through different parts of the Tefilah's and understand what we are saying before we create a page in our own hands-on siddur that we will get to use each day in school. We also had fun as we explored colour combinations. Each colour we mixed with water and froze. Then, we our coloured ice cubes, we painted rainbow pictures and discussed the rainbow Hashem put in the sky after the flood from this weeks parsha. This week Project Team was introduced to our class. We met with The Shpy, King Melech, and Picky. We look forward to exploring all the different lessons The Shpy has to teach us.

Our JK afternoons have been filled with learning, stories, and fun! This week we foccussed on our recognition of the letter D. The students beame familiar with D through various hands-on activities such as, dot painting, beading, sorting, and uncovering a magical hidden D with markers.

In addition, we are continuing to work on our fine motor skills through fun an engaging activities with beads, scissors, and paper clips. We also introduced a new project in our class: Star of the week. Each and every student will have an opportunity to be the star of the week. With this, comes special responsibilites such as helping with our class calendar, helping with our class weather chart, and helping the teachers with handing out supplies. The star of the week culminates with a show-and-tell presentation on Friday when the students can bring in 1, 2, or 3 items to share.

**Please note: there is a Parent Advisory Board Meeting this Wednesday @ 7:30pm @ Chabad.

***A Reminder to please remember to send jackets, hats and gloves as the weather gets colder, we still go outside!

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