Kitah א October 13-16, 2015

​This week we had so much fun exploring with our hands and learning about Mitzvos we can do with them. We finger painted, painted on rough bumpy sandpaper, and made our very own puffy paint. We have been mentioning and coming up with ideas of Mitzvos we can do with our hands. For example, giving Tzedakah, washing our hands for bread and sharing a toy. We created the hand page of our "All About Me peek-a-boo book." Making our home made playdough was one of our favourite activities. We poured and mixed the ingredients. We also felt all the ingredients. The oil was soft and the salt bumpy. We kneaded it all together and had a great time exploring with it! We have started to meet the letters of the Alef Bais. This week the letter Alef came to visit us. We started to decorate the letter Alef for a big Alef bais chart we are creating.

We had a short but busy week exploring different things in the afternoon. We finger painted a spotty spider and, with leaves, we painted the colours of fall; red, yellow, orange, and brown. On Thursday, we prepared the Challah dough and at the end, the children mixed the dough with their hands. They had a blast and are very excited to see how it will turn out. At the end of everyday, we exercise before going home.

**Please note: there is a Parent Advisory Board Meeting this Wednesday @ 7:30pm @ Chabad.

***A Reminder to please remember to send jackets, hats and gloves as the weather gets colder, we still go outside!

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