Blue Cars June 8th- 12th

This week we have been very busy in our class. We have almost finished decorating all the letters for our Alef Bais book. We are reviewing and practicing different letters. We like to find letters that we recognize from our names. We painted a letter made from tape that starts our name. We covered the whole paper in paint. We used sponges and our fingers to cover the paper. It was such a soft feeling to have paint all over our hands. When our papers dried we pulled the tape off the paper. The whole paper wa coloured except the part the tape was on. They turned out looking really nice. We had so much fun mixing up our homemade air dry clay. Then we made a piece of clay really flat and put our handprints inside and let them dry. When we were finished making our handprints we still had fun kneading, rolling and playing with the rest of our clay. Look at those fine motor skills rolling out and flattening our clay. We have a new gross motor game that we like to play. We each get a turn to pick a card. On the card is a different person doing an action. We do whatever, action is on the card, like jumping on two feet, walking sideways, or frog jumping. It's so much fun.

We also have been having a lot of fun at the park and enjoying the warm weather.

The weather has been quite hot and the UV rays have been very strong. The children's safety is our top priority. Please help us keep the children safe in the sun by sending them with a sunhat. We put sunscreen on every child before going and and constantly offer them water while they are outside ensuring they stay hydrated.

Picasa - IMG_20150611_091458.jpg

Finger and sponge painting our letters

Picasa - IMG_20150611_091449.jpg

Dramatic Play - What Bracha is this? our friends asked

Picasa - IMG_20150611_085111.jpg

Covering the letter that starts my name in paint

Picasa - IMG_20150610_090116.jpg

Mixing up our homemade clay

Picasa - IMG_20150610_092442.jpg

flattening our clay and putting our handprint inside

Picasa - IMG_20150609_103930.jpg

finishing decorating our picture frames

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