Kindergarten/Pink Flowers May 19th-22nd

This week we had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! First we celebrated Deena's birthday and had a delicious cake!!!!We made really cute flower crowns for Shavuos. We baked yummy Cheesecakes. We made really pretty flower pens and flower pot pen holder. We had such a great time together. We also made yummy edible flowers We can't wait for Shavuos the day which we get the Torah!!!! We hope you can all make it to the Bikurim parade on Sunday followed by an ice cream party and a children's program!!!

Picasa - IMG_20150519_123711.jpg

Deena's yummy birthday cake

Picasa - IMG_20150519_123450.jpg

Making pictures for Deena's birthday

Picasa - IMG_20150519_123054.jpg

Dancing around the Birthday girl

Picasa - IMG_20150520_094244.jpg

Making flower pens

Picasa - IMG_20150520_104117.jpg

Crushing the crumbs for our cheesecake

Picasa - IMG_20150521_115821.jpg

Making flowers

Picasa - IMG_20150521_120428.jpg

Making flowers

Picasa - IMG_20150522_092024.jpg

Decorating our flower pots

Picasa - IMG_20150522_105552.jpg

Making edible flowers

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