Kindergarten May 26th-29th

This week we did so many things!!!!!!!!!!!We finished our "victory clock",so we had a fun water day outside. We played lots of fun water games and got to do some beading afterwards. On Thursday, by music and movement, we invited the toddler class and Mrs. Truscott to join us for the parachute. Mrs. Truscott went inside because it was her birthday.We also had a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Truscott. We decorated our classroom all by our selves. It was so much fun. We can't wait for next week.Good Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - IMG_20150527_111120.jpg

Playing Duck duck goose with water

Picasa - IMG_20150527_111015.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150527_131605.jpg

Beading bracelets and necklaces

Picasa - IMG_20150527_134256.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150527_134105.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150527_131406.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150528_103338.jpg

Making Mrs. Truscott birthday cards

Picasa - IMG_20150528_122759.jpg

Hiding for our surprise birthday party

Picasa - IMG_20150528_113430.jpg

Decorating our classroom for the birthday party

Picasa - IMG_20150528_112709.jpg

Blowing bubbles during Music and Movement

Picasa - IMG_20150528_112355.jpg

Mrs. Truscott in the parachute! So much fun!

Picasa - IMG_20150528_111626.jpg

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