Blue Cars- May 26th-29th

We had so much fun this week exploring with different sensory experiences together with our Alef Bais. We played in our sand table with foam letters hidden inside. We had so much fun playing in our oobleck, a mixture of cornstarch and water that hardens and then liquefies as it is held in your hand. We also finger painted the next letter in our Alef Bais book. We are almost finished our whole book and can't wait to take it home at our graduation. We had fun playing in our shaving cream foam and exploring with Alef bais shapes.

On Thursday was Mrs. Truscott's birthday. We made her a special birthday book and baked a special cake. Then we went upstairs for a special birthday party. When we came back down it was time for lunch and for dessert we tasted our yummy cake. Happy Birthday Mrs. Truscott.

Picasa - IMG_20150528_115635.jpg

Giving Mrs. Truscott the first piece of her birthday cake

Picasa - IMG_20150528_112355.jpg

Our special birthday party for Mrs. Truscott

Picasa - IMG_20150528_085341.jpg

Sensory Play with Oobleck

Picasa - IMG_20150527_090649.jpg

Alef Bais letters in our sand table

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