Blue Cars- May 19th-22nd

We have continued exploring and learning all about Shavuos. We finished creating our flower project to remeber how Har Sinai started to sprout and blossom in honour of the Torah. Last week we worked hard colouring salt and decorating flowers from coffee filters. This week we had so much fun spooning and pouring the coloured salt into clear plastic cups. We layered different colours to create the vase for our flower. Next we stuck a pipecleaner inside the salt. Our Morah then covered the whole thing in glue to protect the salt from spilling out and attached our flower to the pipe cleaner. We can't wait to see these on our Shavuos table.

We can't wait to eat our delicious cheese cakes. On Shavuos it is customary to eat dairy food to remind us of the Torah that is compared to milk. First we received a bag filled with cookies. We banged and crushed them until they became crumbs. Next we added some other ingredients and patted our crust into the pan. Later we mixed up the cheese filling. We helped to pour and mix. We even were able to help our Morah mix it with a special hand blender.

We are very excited for our special parade on Shavuos. We worked very hard to glue flowers onto our crowns that we will wear at the parade. We hope to see you all there on Sunday May 24th. We will parade into the shul to hear the 10 Commandments with our special crowns and Torahs. Then we will enjoy a special dairy ice cream party and puppet show followed by some exciting activities.

Looking forward to another wonderful week.

Picasa - IMG_20150521_122935.jpg

Gluing flowers onto our crowns for our parade on Shavuos

Picasa - IMG_20150521_085150.jpg

Filling up our cups with coloured salt for our vases

Picasa - IMG_20150520_085053.jpg

Crushing our cookies

Picasa - IMG_20150520_090643.jpg

Pouring our cookie crumbs into the mixing bowl.

Picasa - IMG_20150520_103400.jpg

Mixing the cheese filling

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