Blue Cars- May 11th-15th

This week we had so much fun exploring and learning all about Shavuos. We are so excited for this special Yom Tov (Holiday) when Hashem gave the Torah to every single one of us. We saw what the inside of a Torah looks like and learned about how special it is. We took a walk to see where the Torahs are kept. They have a special house called an Aron Kodesh because they are so special. We painted a box all together to be an Aron Kodesh for our toy Torah in our classroom. We had a lot of fun decrating a special Torah puppet. We used our fine motor skills to peel the back of the felt stickers and to squeeze just a dot of glue to add beautiful sequins to our Torah. We can't wait to play with them.

When Hashem gave us the Torah on Har Sinai the mountain started to sprout and grow beautiful flowers. We are working very hard to make a flower centerpiece for our homes. First we helped pour salt into bags. Next we added pieces of chalk to each bag. We shook and rubbed the chalk in the salt until it was all colourful. Next week we will use the salt we coloured to fill the vase for our flowers. To make the flowers that will go into our vase we took coffe filters and coloured them with markers. Then we used spray bottles filled with wwater to moisten the whole filter. We watched as the colours spread and blended. Next week we will put our whole flower pot together. We explored with real flowers and used them as paintbrushes to paint a picture.

Looking forward to another wonderful week.


There is no school on Monday May 18th - Victoria Day

Save the Date: Sunday June 24th. Come hear the reading of the 10 commandments and enjoy an ice cream party and special puppet show. You don't want to miss it. Details coming soon.

Picasa - IMG_20150511_090041.jpg

Painting a box for an Aron Kodesh for our Torah

Picasa - IMG_20150513_122322.jpg

Decorating a Torah Hand Puppet

Picasa - IMG_20150514_085413.jpg

Spraying our Coffee Filter flowers and watching the colours spread

Picasa - IMG_20150514_085542.jpg

Decorating a Final Tzaddik

Picasa - IMG_20150514_102006.jpg

Pouring salt into bags together. Then we added chalk and coloured the salt.

Picasa - IMG_20150512_090617.jpg

Enjoying our new blocks

Picasa - IMG_20150514_104651.jpg

Helping to clean up!!

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