Kindergarten/Pink Flowers May 4th-May 15th

These two weeks we had so much fun. We painted with frozen paint different pictures related to Lag B'Omer. Then finally, the day which we had been counting down , had arrived!Lag B'Omer!!!!!!! We made beautiful hats and signs and marched all the way to Grant!!!When we got back, we had fun and lively dancing in the JLI room. We got to take home our beautiful snow globes. We also continued learning and adding new Brachos in our Siddurim.Have a great Shabbos

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - 20150507_104127.jpg

Getting ready for the parade

Picasa - IMG_20150507_110213.jpg

Marching in the rain

Picasa - IMG_20150505_104944.jpg

Painting rainbows with frozen paint

Picasa - IMG_20150504_110129.jpg

Making Lag B'Omer signs

Picasa - 20150507_152622.jpg

Wearing our lag B'Omer signs

Picasa - IMG_20150513_105145.jpg


Picasa - IMG_20150513_105150.jpg

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May 4th - May 8th

May 11th-15th

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