Blue Cars- May 4th-8th

We have had so much fun this week learning all about Lag Baomer. We heard the story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and how he learned Torah in a cave. We also heard about Rabbi Akiva who started to learn Torah when he was already older and became a great Torah leader. We spoke about how special the Torah is and how it makes the world a brighter place. We celebrate Lag baomer by lighting fires to remeber the great light of Torah that Rabbi Shimon added to the world. We made a bonfire on black paper with sticks and coloured chalk. We practiced matching our colours when we glued the right coloured papers onto the rainbow. Lag Baomer is a time to celebrate and play outside. We worked very ahrd using our fine motor skills to thread the string into our kite. Then we decorated it and some of us glued a Lag Baomer bonfire onto it too. On Lag Baomer we took our kites outside and watched them blow in the wind. It was so much fun. We also worked together to build our very own "bonfire". When asked what we need to make a fire one of the children said sticks. So we brought some popsicle sticks. Then we discussed that it need to be safe so we added some stones to keep the fire from "spreading". Finally we added coloured tissue paper to "light" our fire. Then we made a big circle, turned on some music and danced around our "fire".

We also learned about a new letter; the final Phay (Langa phay or phay sofit). We saw how it looks like the phay but is long instead. We are continuing to decorate letters for our Alef Bais book. I can't wait to take it home at the end of the year.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on Shavuos. Look out for details about a very special Shavuos party on Sunday June 24th. So save the date. You don't want to miss it.

A friendly reminder that Wednesday June 13th is picture day. If you haven't yet ordered your pictures please make sure to bring your slip so that we can all have a class memory. For those children who don't usually come on Wednesday but would like to come for picture time, please join us at 10:45am.

Picasa - IMG_20150507_101928.jpg

Adding sticks to make a fire

Picasa - IMG_20150507_102101.jpg

Putting the rocks around to make it safe

Picasa - IMG_20150507_103600.jpg

Lighting our Bonfire

Picasa - IMG_20150506_090242.jpg

Matching colours onto a rainbow

Picasa - IMG_20150504_092515.jpg

Making a picture of a bonfire

To view more photos click here

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