Kindergarten/Pink Flowers April 16th-24th

Wow! it's so nice to be back after such a long vacation!!!!!!!!!!With Shavuos and Lag Ba'Omer right around the corner, we got right into the swing of things. We made a class Sferas Haomer mountain, we made our individual counting chart and learned all about the story of Rabbi Akiva. One lesson that we l;earnmed from rabbi Akiva is that we should never give up. Last Friday we celebrated Michal Odellia's birthday!! We also learned about that during the time of the Omer 24 000 students of Rabbi Akiva passed away because they were not having Ahavas Yisroel. So we painted a big globe. We then decorated many different types of people holding hands, to show that we must love everyone. We also made some beautiful place mats for lunch time. In this week's Parsha we learned about the Mitzvah of having a Bris Millah. We also learned why do boys have it when they are only 8 days old. We also leaned that in the times of the Bet Hamikdash when a Jew would sat "Lashon Hara"- sometthing not nice about a fellow Jew they would get Tzora'as.

Can't wait for another AMAZING week.

Good Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - IMG_20150420_104350.jpg

Painting the world

Picasa - IMG_20150421_112936.jpg

Making placemats

Picasa - IMG_20150417_115631.jpg

Odellia's birthday party

Picasa - IMG_20150417_114018.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150417_134537.jpg

Making muffins

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