Blue Cars- April 20th-24th

We have been having so much fun in our classroom. We are getting ready for Shavuos when Hashem gave us a special present - The Torah. We painted a big Har Sinai all together. Each day we add another flower to it. We will keep adding flowers until we count all the way to 49 and Shavuos. We were so excited to see the mountain we made from mud start to sprout grass from the grass seeds we planted in it. We spoke about how Hashem gave us a special present and made the barren mountain start to sprout and grow beautiful flowers on it in honour of the Torah. We can't wait to see our whole mountain covered in grass. We also learned about how we get ready to receive the Torah with being extra nice to our friends and have more Ahavas Yisroel. We are working very hard using our fine motor skills practicing sqeezing and controlling the glue bottle to squeeze out only a little dot of glue onto hearts and gluing them to our paper.

We are continuing meeting new letters and we are focusing on reviewing some of the old ones. We made chocolate scented playdough and made Alef Bais letters from them. We played with Alef Bais cookie cutters inside of shaving cream and played a really fun Alef Bais Dancing game. We sang songs and when the song stopped we all ran to stand on a letter and shared the name of it with our friends.

Picasa - IMG_20150423_103840.jpg

Mixing up our playdough

Picasa - IMG_20150423_105222.jpg

Playing with playdough and trying to copy a letter

Picasa - IMG_20150423_084822.jpg

See those tiny dots of glue. We worked very hard to only cover the dots on the heart.

Picasa - IMG_20150422_085039.jpg

Playing with Alef Bais letters in shaving cream

Picasa - IMG_20150422_084707.jpg

A new sensory experience with Alef Bais cookie cutters.

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