JK/Yellow Smilies March 16th - 20th

This week we started learning about Pesach and getting the children excited about the upcoming holiday. Everyday we go through two of the fifteen steps of the Seder (order.) For Kaddesh, we took wine bottles and practiced pouring it into a cup and then using a funnel to pour it back to have some more practice. Washing cups for the children to practice washing for Urchatz. We covered our mouths and said "we don't say a Brocha." For Karpas, we dipped a vegetable (potato) into salt water - we learnt how it reminds us of the salty tears. We then cut out matzos showing how the middle Matzah we divide and put a half a side for Afikomen. We started our miracle books. In the story of Pesach (Maggid) many miracles happened to the Jewish people. We did the splitting of the red sea and the plagues this week. We learnt what is Chamatz and what is not. The yeast that makes it rise is whats makes it Chomotz. The Shpy came in this week and taught us how we can get rid of the Chamatz (ego) inside of us. We did an experiment by placing 2 bottles on the table, one with yeast and the other without and put a balloon on top. One of the balloons rose. Which balloon do you think rose?

Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Love Morah Chayale and Morah Shirit

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