Blue Cars- March 16th-20th

neThis week we have continued exploring all about Pesach. We spent a few days discussing parts of the story and practicing the Mah Nishtanah (4 questions). We spoke about how Hashem takes care of the Jewish people and how he did so many miracles so that they could leave Mitzrayim (Egypt) and the hard work the Egyptians made them do. We are colouring a book of pictures which tells us the whole story. We played in sand and discussed how the Jews had to work very hard to make bricks and work for King Paroah. We decorated big papers with all kinds of blue materials, textures and shades to create a big river. Then we made them split in two and acted out walking through the water just like Hashem made the water split when we left Mitzrayim. We also learned the next step of the seder called Rachtzah, when we wash our hands a second time. We played with washing cups in the water table and practiced washing. The next step of the Seder is when we eat the Matzah. We painted big cardboard Matzos that are now in our dramatic play area. We discussed how Matzah is made from flour and water. We had a chance to mix and knead flour and water together and try and make it into dough. We also got to taste some maror.

Picasa - IMG_20150319_093224.jpg

Practicing washing for Rachtzah

Picasa - IMG_20150319_085923.jpg

Kneading the flour and water into dough

Picasa - IMG_20150319_085519.jpg

Painting broken and whole Matzos

Picasa - IMG_20150319_084839.jpg

Pouring and feeling the flour

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