Blue Cars- March 9th-13th

This week we started learning and exploring all about Pesach. We have a lot of new objects around the classroom to be able to explore hands-on. We really enjoy playing with the kiddush cups, washing cups, and cardboard matzah in our dramatic play area. We had so much fun matching the pieces of the seder plate and putting the velcro pieces on and off the big picture on our wall. We are becoming familiar with the objects that we will see on Pessach especially at the seder table. We are going through each step of the seder in a hands on way so we will be ready to join in during the Seder. The first thing we do at the seder is make kiddush on a cup of wine or grape juice. We explored with bottles and and cups and prcticed pouring from the bottle into the cup so we will be able to help fill up the kiddush cups. We tasted grape juice and discussed how everyone makes their own kiddush. Then we learned all about washing our hands for the Karpas. We used special washing cups in our water play and practiced pouring three times on each hand. We are also decorating a special towel for us to use when we wash our hands. We peeled and cut boiled potatoes all by ourselves for Karpas. We thought about what we need for saltwater and came up with the fact that we need salt and water. We made some and tasted the potato dipped inside. We painted and explored with salt. Next we spoke about the matzah that we will break, We did an experiment with yeast to see how bread rises and matzah is flat. The yeast made the balloon blow up and the balloon that did not have yeast under it syaed flat. We practiced our cutting skills to make a paper matzah into two pieces. We have also been singing different pesach songs.

Picasa - IMG_20150312_093429.jpg

Salt Painting

Picasa - IMG_20150312_093058.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150311_085408.jpg

Decorating a special towel

Picasa - IMG_20150310_122113.jpg

Pouring practice to fill our kiddush cup

Picasa - IMG_20150311_090556.jpg

Water play with a washing cup

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