Kindergarten/Pink Flowers March 9-13th

We had so much fun this week.Before Purim we finished our victory chart so we got to watch a really nice video about two friends.

We got to celebrate to birthdays in one week, Malka Charna's and Miri's!!!!

With the weather warming up, we were so excited to go to the park.

We also already started learning about Pesach.

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - IMG_20150312_121836.jpg

We had a "picnic" in our class

Picasa - IMG_20150311_111243.jpg

Playing bingo with hebrew words

Picasa - IMG_20150311_111525.jpg

Playing with our dolls

Picasa - IMG_20150311_111852.jpg

Watching our video that we earned for completing our victory chart

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