Blue Cars- February 23rd-27th

This week we have continued learning all about Purim. We had a lot of fun creating our very own graggers to use while we listen to the Megillah. First we tried to shake the contain er but it didn't make noise. So we decided we needed something inside it. Next we added beans and decorated it with beautiful jewels, hair and googly eyes and other materials. We have been singing a special gragger song. you can see the words below. We also learned all about the costumes we wear on Purim. We decorated masks from egg cartons. We had a lot of fun dressing up and playing with the glasses, Purim character masks and other costumes in our classroom. We discussed how when we were wearing the dark sunglasses noone could see us but we could see other people. We learned how we can't see Hashem and sometimes it feels like He is hiding but he can see us and is always there taking care of us just llike he helped Mordechai and Esther to be able to get rid of Haman. We also discussed how special it is to be Jewish and how Esther made sure to to Mitzvos even when she lived in the king's palace. We had a lot of fun exploring with different seeds just like Queen Esther ate in the palace.

Gragger Song:

ttto: I have a little dreidel

I have a little Gragger amongst my games and toys and when i shake my gragger it makes a lot of noise.

My Gragger likes Queen Esther, It likes good Mordechai

It listens to the story as quietly as I

But when you mention Haman, It makes an awful sound

So please don't mention Haman when my gragger is around

Picasa - IMG_20150226_092848.jpg

Painting our masks

Picasa - IMG_20150225_113946.jpg

Happy Birthday Goldie!!

Picasa - IMG_20150225_092755.jpg

Playing in Shushan with our puppets

Picasa - IMG_20150224_103501.jpg

Filling our Graggers

Picasa - IMG_20150223_122116.jpg

Hiding behind our Purim Charachter masks

Picasa - IMG_20150224_085340.jpg

Exploring with seeds

Picasa - IMG_20150224_110828.jpg

Decorating our gragger

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