Kindergarten/Pink Flowers February 23rd-27th

This week we learned about the four Mitzvot of Purim. The first is giving Mishlaoch Manot to a friend. So we created a beautiful Mishlaoch Manot basket. The second is Matanat Le’evyonim- Giving money to the poor. So we decorated a Tzedaka Pushka that we can fill up at home. The third Mitzvah of Purim is to listen to the Megilla. We are almost finished our magnificent Megilla and next week we will decorate our Megilla cases. In addition to all those things we also decorated masks that we will use on Purim. We also made some nice crowns and worked on our Purim scrapbook. We got a lot of new dress up clothes and we had so much fun dressing up with them.

We have been so busy in our afternoon Kindergarten classroom. We finished learning all about the 4 seasons. We talked about what the trees look like during the 4 seasons, what types of weather happens in each season and what types of clothing we wear when we have certain types of weather. We made replicas of clouds with shaving cream on top of a jar of water. We then dropped coloured water with a dropper onto the shaving cream cloud. Eventually the shaving cream became full and it started to rain from the shaving cream cloud into the jar. We also tested what objects the wind would move using our own breath. We first predicted which objects we thought would move when we blew them and which ones we didn’t think would move. Then we tested our predictions by trying to blow each object. We have now started talking about living and nonliving things. We got a new pet “Izzy” the betta fish in our class. We compared Izzy with fish crackers to see what the difference was between the living fish and the nonliving fish cracker. We decided that living things can move, grow, breathe air, needs food and needs water. We all made a book about living and nonliving items in our world. We are working on recognizing numbers on a tens frame ordering numbers. This week we are talking all about the letter J and have a J poem: I put some cookies

In a jar,

And took them with me

In the car.

We can't wait for another smashing and awesome week!Good Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Truscott

Picasa - IMG_20150226_113909.jpg

Music and Movement

Picasa - IMG_20150226_113449.jpg

Dressing up with animal masks during Music and Movement

Picasa - IMG_20150225_112026.jpg

Painting our masks

Picasa - IMG_20150225_105000.jpg

Working on our Megilla

Picasa - IMG_20150224_111557.jpg

Decorating our Tzedaka Pushkas

Picasa - IMG_20150224_110344.jpg
Picasa - Dressing up

Dress up time!!!

Picasa - Making our Mishlaoch Manot Baskets

Making our Mishlaoch Manot baskets

Picasa - IMG_20150223_093506.jpg

Decorating crowns

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