JK/ Yellow Smilies 23rd - 27th February

Dear Parents,

This week is Parshas Veitzeh, it talks about the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) clothes. We focused on the bells which were on the bottom of the robe. We learnt that every time the Kohanim would walk into the holy temple it would jingle so everyone would know he was coming. When we do holy things, eg: saying a blessing or pray our voices should be heard loud and clear just like those bells. We learnt the 14th Hebrew letter, Nun (Noon - נ.) tracing it on our body, feeling it and we even looked into a real Sidder to see if we can spot the letter Nun. We are so excited that we can soon learn to read. We made Purim masks using feathers, jewels and other fun materials and we are working on the costume for our body that we traced. We are also working on our scrapbook and Meggilla.Finger puppets was a cool arts and crafts as the children started acting out the story with them. We made a clown Mishloach Manots basket to connect with the Adar theme. Since In Adar is a time to increase in happiness, on Thursday we made a only smile day. We went round and passed the smiles.

You never know how far a smile can reach

Love Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit

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