Blue Cars- February 17-20th

This week we had some much fun exploring and learning all about Purim. We revied the Purim story with puppets and enjoyed the playing out the parts in our dramatic play area. We learned all about the 4 special Mitzvos of Purim. We know that the Purim story is written in the Megillah and that it is a special Mitzvah to hear it on Purim. We had a lot of fun "reading" the toy Megillahl scrolls in our classroom. We also painted a big scroll for our bulletin board. We explored with our gragger sounds and played a special game where our Morah called out a name from the Purim story. Whenever she said Haman we made lots of noise but when she said a different name we were very quiet.

We also learned about the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manos - giving gifts of food to a friend. Purim is a special happy day and we are happy when we can share with others. IWe spent a few days this week creating unique baskets. Some of us helped cut sting. Then we each got a bowl. We dipped the sting inside glue until it was all covered. Then we draped, dropped and spread the sticky stings over the bowl. We can't wait to see them when they are fully dry.

We also want to say a Thank You to Morah Adina for bringing a new book for our class from New York. We really like the new book about Benny and Tzvi called Wherever we Go. "Look Morah. It's just like this one," said a friend, holding another book about Tzvi that is in our classroom.

We would like to say Goodbye to Stephany. We will miss you and hope you will come back to visit us all.

Picasa - IMG_20150219_092420.jpg

Painting our big Megillah

Picasa - IMG_20150218_103858.jpg

Felling the Sticky glue while we dip our string into it.

Picasa - IMG_20150218_093458.jpg

Laying the sting onto our Mishloach Manos Basket

Picasa - IMG_20150217_110138.jpg

Reading our toy Megillah

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