JK/ Yellow Smilies 17th - 20th February

We are learning all about the Yom - Tov of Purim. We finished of our gragger. We designed it in the face of Mordechai and Esther. We painted a castle with which will be hunged up on the wall by our dramatic area. We made a bored game and we cant wait to start playing with it. We have a new student called Levi. He came all the way from france to spend time in our classrom. We love having you in our class. We learnt the 13 hebrew letter, the MEM. Uncle Moishy and all his Mitzvah Men came to visit us and he brought along his Mem hat. We rapped our way through the lesson. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!

The Rap goes like this:

This is the Mem rap

Alright Alright

Ok Ok

HI my name is Mem

and I am so cool

I love to do Mitzvos that's for sure

I make mouths smile

From ear to ear

and I say lots of things, would you like to hear

(We then brainstormed together a list of words that start with the letter Mem)

I am a Melech (king) and you want to know why

Because i have a crown on top of my head

And an opening in the middle of my body

Oh Yeah!

We had a fun week! See you next week for our fun filled happy Adar week!

Morah Chaya'le and Morah shirit

Picasa - IMG_20150218_090552.jpg

Painting our castle

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