Blue Cars-February 2nd - 6th

We have finished our community helper unit. This week we learned all about the farmer. We discussed how a lot of our food comes from the plants the farmer plants. We also know hashem sends rain and makes the plants grow. We also spoke about the animals that live on a farm. We had so much fun exploring all about it this week. We played in our sensory table and dug in soil and and found the beans that can grow to becoome new bean plants. We made a picture collage with beans and tried to sprout them. Some of ours have started to sprout. We are working very hard on a special book that will go home next week with all the community helpers we met.

We also learned all about Tu B'Shvat. We learned how we are constantly growing just like a tree. When we do Mitzvos they are like our fruit just like the trees that grow fruit. . We decorated a big tree. We discussed what the tree needed. "Leaves," said one friend. We asked what colour the leaves were. The children found all the green stickers and decided to use those for leaves, One of the children put on a red sticker. The teacher asked what it was on the tree. "Apple," he replied. Then all our friends strated adding colourful stickers and telling the Morah what fruit it was, The blue one was a blueberry and the yellow one was a lemon. We used apples and edible paint to paint a picture. We had a lot of fun helping to use a juicer to make fresh squeezed apple juice.

We can't wait for another fun week to start learning all about Purim.

Picasa - IMG_20150205_094028.jpg

"My mud castle"

Picasa - IMG_20150204_105103.jpg

Squeezing Apple Juice

Picasa - IMG_20150204_085116.jpg

Apple Stamping

Picasa - IMG_20150202_085550.jpg

.Exploring soil and beans

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