Kindergarten/Pink Flowers February 2nd-6th

This week we learned that without the roots, a tree cannot stand. So too, us Jews need Torah and Mitzvos (the roots) in order survive.

When we made various comparisons to trees one of the girls response was," I have curly hair like a tree". We made a peek-a-boo tree displaying all wonderful ways the trees contribute to our lives. We learned about the seven special fruits that Israel is blessed with (Shivat Haminim), and made a nice fruit basket by weaving construction paper in and out and cutting out fruits that we had colored.

On Tu B’Shvat itself, we made a fruit Kebab and tasted some of the Shivat Haminim. We also followed the age-old custom to eat a new fruit on Tu B’shvat, by tasting a new fruit and saying the special bracha Bracha “ Shehechiyanu”.

We had a wonderful Music & Movement class. I can't wait fo rnext week!!!

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - IMG_20150204_115616.jpg

Our Fruit Kababas

Picasa - IMG_20150204_120014.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150203_110458.jpg

Making our Fruit basket

Picasa - IMG_20150203_111913.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150202_105237.jpg

Writing our comparisons to trees

Picasa - IMG_20150204_105610.jpg

Making our peek-a-boo tree

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