Blue Cars - January 12th-16th

We had so much fun this week exploring our next community helper. We started to learn all about the police officer. We discussed how he helps keep us safe and what a special Mitzvah it is to take care of our selves and stay safe. We had a lot of fun making police hats. We had a special visit from Ofiicer Truscott who came in his police uniform. He showed us his badge and spoke to us about staying safe. Then we went out side to take a look at his police car. We went in side and saw the flashing lights. Then we even got to hear the sirens turn on. Thank you so much. We decorated police cars and discussed what they needed. "Sirens," said Nate. So we added some sirens. Goldie A. said they needed to be red and blue like the ones on the real car. We spoke about how traffic lights help us stay safe and what each colour means. We ripped up green, yellow and red paper and glued them inside the right colour circle of the traffic light

In our Alef Bais unit we met the letter chof. We made a chof out of our bodies and decorated a texured cardstock chof for our book.

Picasa - IMG_20150128_121443.jpg

Colour sorting papers and gluing them on our traffic light

Picasa - IMG_20150127_113354.jpg

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Picasa - IMG_20150126_111153.jpg

Sitting inside the police car

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