Kindergarten/PInk Flowers January 26th-30th

This week we started to learn all about Tu' B'Shvat which is coming up next week.

We painted four different tree's for the for four seasons and discussed during which season fruits and vegetables grow.During play time this week, Michal Odellia went over to another girl who got hurt and gave her a hug to comfort her. In our class we really see how girls are becoming much more sensitive to other girls' feelings. We had a really fun Music & Movement class. On Friday, we enjoyed the terrific Shabbos party with Morah Adina. Have a great Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Truscott

Picasa - IMG_20150129_114043.jpg

Using our Snapper to snap bubbles

Picasa - IMG_20150129_105135.jpg

FInger painting our trees

Picasa - IMG_20150129_103720.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150129_103158.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20150128_105113.jpg

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