JK/Yellow Smilies January 26th - 30th

This week was a blast. We learned all about a kosher kitchen. We had pictures with which we were to separate the milk and meat foods. The children were great at doing this. We made our very own matching game. We watched a video about what makes an animal kosher, the process of koshering the chicken until it goes to the store and to always make sure to look for a kosher symbol. We learned the 11th Hebrew letter Kof. We had a poilceman come visit our classroom. He showed us his badge and even his cool car.We were even allowed to hop inside. The Shpy also visited and he spoke about what we can’t and what we can do. If we make a mistake then a solution of how we can fix it. We have finished our Jewish home unit and I’m happy to say the children worked extremely hard. Next week will be sending it home with your child.

Have a wonderful weekend

Love Morah Chaya’le Vogel and Morah shirit

To veiw photos of our incrediable week click the link here

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