Blue Cars - January 12th-16th

We had so much fun this week exploring our next community helper. We started to learn all about the doctor. We read a special book called "I go to the doctor." We learned that Hashem helps doctors to make us better and we need to say thank you to them. We had a lot of fun gluimg and sticking objects a doctor uses onto a paper to make a special doctor bag. We helped add the doctor to our bulletin board that has a road that we decorated on it. Each week we are adding the person we visited to the road. We had a lot of fun using the new doctor equipment in the dramatic play area after we read the doctor book.

Benyamin. said "We need white paper on the table like in the book" So off we went to the storage closet to get the big white paper for the doctor table.

Leo said the doctor uses this (holding a stethescope) and fixes my booboos as he role-played the doctor.

We discussed how it is a special Mitzvah to make someone who is sick feel better by visiting them or making them a card or calling them on the phone. This is a special Mitzvah called Bikkur Cholim. We made cards for a friend who was sick.

In our Alef Bais unit we met the letter yud. It looks like a tiny dot. It was so small we could hide it in our hand. We decorated a cardboard yud using paint and q-tips as paintbrushes for our alef bais book.

Picasa - IMG_20150114_121042.jpg

Becoming real artists - Mixing the primary colours on our palette

Picasa - IMG_20150114_092345.jpg

Our new additions to the dramatic play area - Being doctors.

Picasa - IMG_20150114_092110.jpg

Pretending to be builders

Picasa - IMG_20150112_085826.jpg

Creating our very own doctor bag.

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