Kindergarten/Pink Flowers January 12th-16th

Wow!! This week we did so many things.

Last Friday, we finished our victory clock. We got to move the minute hand every time one of us or the whole class had a victory!!So we chose to have a camp out in the Gym. We played laser tag with the lights out, we played hiding-go-seek in the dark and we ate delicious cinnamon buns in our tents!

Miri after school said" I can't believe we actually had cinnamon buns!!!"

I asked her, " why?"

She answered," Cuz they're my favorite."

This week week we also started to create our very own Siddur. We are learning what each Bracha means and why we say them.

We learned all about the first 7 Makos that the Egyptians got, and why they deserved each one.

During Music and movement on Thursday one girl said "This was awesome!!".

When we went sledding we had so much fun making a massive train and trying to over the bump on the hill.

Friday was amazing as usual, we made Challah and had a fantastic Shabat party with Morah Adina.

Good Shabbos!!!

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Truscott

Picasa - IMG_20150112_120158.jpg

Camp Out!

Picasa - IMG_20150113_125141.jpg

New Dress up clothes!

Picasa - IMG_20150114_112142.jpg

Making pages in our new Siddur

Picasa - IMG_20150115_110704.jpg

Catching bubles during Music&Movement with our special "clapper"

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