Jk/ Yellow Smilies January 12th - 16th

We started our Jewish home unit! We made our very own parchment. We used feather and black paint (ink) and painted the words of the shema. We then used a teabag to make it look like a real Mezuzah parchment. We then out of clay made a Mezuzah case, with which we painted and decorated. We spoke about what makes us feel safe and how a Mezuzah protects us. We were shown a real one and we gave it a big kiss. We learnt the 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter Tes. We coloured the letter, played a game and made a story using the letter Tes! We had so much fun by Nesli's birthday. We made her a card and wished her a happy birthday. Mazel tov!

See you next week!

Love Morah Chaya'le and Morah shirit

To veiw photos click here

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