Blue Cars - January 5th-9th

Welcome back to school. We have started another exciting unit in our class. We are learning all about the community helpers around us. We live in a place where there are a lot of people who help make our city and community a nice place to live. We started off by reading a special book called let's meet community helpers. We read abot the police men, the workermen, the bus drivers and more. We know we need to say thank you to each of these people for all they do for us.

This week we focused on the builders in our community. We need builders to help create houses and buildings we learn and live in. We spoke about the tools they use and explored different building materials. We created our own special tool belts. We decorated our tools using bingo dabbers. Then we used our fine motor skills to cut out the pictures. Some of us were able to cut them without any help and some of us needed our Morah to help hold the paper while we opened and closed the scissors. Next we put special velcro stickers on so we would be able to take our tools on and off and play with them. We also had a lot of fun painting using toy tools as paintbrushes. We also constructed creations from pieces of cork and built cup buildings.We discussed how we are all builder with our Mitzvos that help to nuild teh third Bais Hamikdash (Temple). We looked at pictures of the Bais Hamikdash and coloured some of them. We are working together to make a community helper bulletin board. This week we decorated a road with a house and a builder on it to add to our community board.

In our Alef Bais unit we met the letter tes. It looks like a pot with a lid falling inside. We decorated a felt tes for our alef bais book.

Picasa - IMG_20150108_093228.jpg

Painting with blocks and screws

Picasa - IMG_20150108_085755.jpg

Painting with a hammer and screws

Picasa - IMG_20150108_085120.jpg

Using my fine motor skills to glue the letter Tes.

Picasa - IMG_20150107_121458.jpg

Cutting out the tools for my toolbelt


Building with cork, toothpicks and glue


Wearing my finished toolbelt.


Using the tools on my belt.

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