Blue Cars -Dec.8th-12th

This week continued to review the Chanukah story. We also discussed some of the special foods we eat. We Saw real potatoes of different sizes and colours and oil that are used to make Latkas. We were each able to feel a litle potato and make it sizzle in our hands like a latka. We reviewed what we knew about the miracle of the oil. We all know that after we got the Greeks away from our land during the Chanukah story and we went into the Bais Hamikdash it was a big mess. We looked everywhere and found only one small jar of oil enough for 1 day. A miracle happened and it lsated for 8 days. We remember this today by lighting the Menorah and also by eating foods that are made in oil, like latkas and doughnuts. We worked very hard to make a special jumping latka game. First we took a piece of foil and wrapped it around a plate all by ourselves. Then we helped our cut pieces of tape to keep the foil in place. Next we chose from a few different shades of latkas and used our fine motor skills to glue them onto our pan. Next we helped our Morah punch a hole in one latka so that we could make it jump in the pan. We punched another hole in the pan with our Morahs help. It was hard work to thread the string through the hole but we did it all by ourselves. We talked about what else our pan needed. One of our friends said we needed oil. We couldn't put real oil in so we had to think of another way. We went to look at the real oil and saw it was yellow. So some of us decided to colour our pan yellow so it would look like oil. It was fun thinking of an idea by ourselves.

We painted a square piece of cardboard for our dreidel and some of us glued jewels on too. Our Morah helped glue a pencil inside for a spinner. Now they real spin. We also had a lot of fun using glitter glue and paintbrushes to decorate candle finger puppets our Morahs made.

We have enjoyed spending a lot of time outside playing in the snow and sledding while the weather is relatively warm.

In our Alef Bais unit we met the letter Zayin. We saw how the Zayin has a crown on top and the rest of him comes out from the middle of the crown. We decorated a shiny silvery Zayin using puzzle pieces and crayons for our Alef Bais book. We also touched and felt a big cardboard zayin.

Latka Song we've been singing:

Latka'le Latka'le hop in the pan Dance & Dance all around Sizzle sizzle merrily 'Cause your the one we"ll eat you see.

Picasa - IMG_20141210_090550.jpg

Using our fine motor skills to glue latkas onto a pan we made.

Picasa - IMG_20141208_091658.jpg

Practicing our fine motor skills using clothespin as candles on a cardboard Menorah.

Picasa - IMG_20141208_091514.jpg

Painting part of our very own Dreidel

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