JK/ Yellow Smilies 8th - 12th December

Once again a week flew by! On Monday, we used oil to paint the letter zayin (the 7th Hebrew letter) using cotton swabs. Then we had the Shpy come in and teach us ways to calm down when we are upset!

On Teusday, we made a frying pan - a catch the latke (potatoes fried in oil) game, coloured some Chanukah pictures and reviewed the Hebrew letters!

On Wednesday, we painted with straws our zayin which we hang on the wall and hopped outside. Then we have fun meeting our friend zayin and he taught us a special dance. We had so much fun!

On Thursday, we painted and coloured Chanukah pictures - which is our favorite thing to do, made our very own olive oil and learnt all about the miracle of the oil. We even had to search for it just like the maccabees!

On friday, We made challah, coloured a parasha picture and had a wonderful shabbat party with our special Ima and Abba!

See you next week for a fun filled chanukah party!

Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit

Picasa - IMG_20141211_105850.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141211_110711.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141211_111253.jpg

Olive oil

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